Montel [Sensi]

"I medicate myself every morning, I medicate myself throughout the day and I medicate myself every single evening," he said. "Just the same way anybody else does and just the same way I did when I was taking prescription medication in inordinate amounts to keep track of the same issues I use marijuana for." - Montel Williams

Most will agree that after blazing some Sensi,
their third eye is opened, and they can see
things they didn't see before!

The Artist BUG has produced a chune called
"Sensi" which is taken from his debut album
'I Bring2U' on the Locksmith Records
label. This chune is certified Hit! and will have
every lighter in the air, after the lighter has lit a 'big head'.

Sample the lyrics:

Sensimenia / so good for my brain / crack and
cocaine / mess up your brain / and make you
go insane...

These lyrics are delivered over an adaptation of
Phil Collins version of the Supreme's classic "You
Can't Hurry Love", and includes audio samples of
Bob Marley which makes this chune an Anthem
contender, and one that will have the phone lines
ringing at the radio station, and Dancehall giving a
full endorsement. - Natasha Von Castle for Locksmith Records
Download it Today At


  1. The stigma attached to marijuana causes people to hide their use. If you are going to smoke a glass pipe or bong, do it openly. Let the public know that you are among the responsible adults that have chosen to roll your own cigarette and to smoke your own glass bowl. This is historic opportunity to change the medical marijuana laws. Send a letter; send an email make a phone call. Make your voice heard with the millions calling for change. Bravo Montel, Bravo


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