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BUG - A Woman Is... [video]

Greetings!! BUG is back with a new album title "Mental Slavery"  one of the first single is " A Woman Is..." This song talk about God made Adam & Eve who came on mother earth and to the transformation of a mental disorder that take over mother earth Today. This album is a "unlock my mind music"  that will take u on a journey of finding oneself.

Listen To BUG's Radio: Unlock My Mind Music

Digital Record Pool [BUG - Sensi Dance Remixed]

Greetings! Attention: All DJ's Around the World Remix Remix Remixed !  With A  Club Mix by Dj Damian,    BUG "Sensi" Is off for the running again like Bolt. BUG, the Dancehall Locksmith uses lyrics that connects with every listener,  making him one of the most radio played underground artists.   Download BUG 'Sensi Dance Remixed' at Work Sessions: Please Support This Artist Only $1 Read more about BUG at

BUG - Sensi (Clubmix by Dj Damian) on YouTube

New Release BUG - Sensi Dance Remixed by Dj Damian

Sensi (Club mix) by BUG Greetings! Remix Remix Remixed !  With A Club Mix by Dj Damian BUG "Sensi" Is off for the running again like Bolt. Please Support This Artist Only $1 These lyrics are delivered over an adaptation of  Phil Collins version of the Supreme's classic "You  Can't Hurry Love", and includes audio samples of  Bob Marley which makes this chune an Anthem  contender, and one that will have the phone lines  ringing at the radio station, and Dancehall giving a  full endorsement. credits released 01 September 2010  Remixed by Dj Damian for Locksmith Records Written by Styafiya & BUG Mixed by Dj Damian and Dave Master by Dave at Hilltop Studio, Brooklyn New York. additional sample of Bob Marley voice. Original track Produce by BUG & Dave for Locksmith Records