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Bug Standing 5’8, Bug is on a mission to unlock listener’s minds, and is an artist who has a message in every song he creates. Born in Barbican, Jamaica, Bug grew up around music, as his parents used it as a means to keep the family entertained. His Sister was the singer in the family, and encouraged Bug to embrace music. With that encouragement, Bug decided from early that his ruling theme would be Love, Unity and Gratitude.

::Brand New Dancehall:: BUG - My Choice Is!

Greetings! 2009 has gone by so quickly, but not as fast as the rise of Dancehall artist BUG's career! Not only has BUG been profiled on radio with hit singles "Sensi" and "This Time," he's also been profiled on several mixed tapes / CD's. Coast to Coast has profiled him twice, and he's ranked in the top five independent artists who are searched on portals such as ! To close out 2009, BUG releases his latest single called "My Choice Is" which, true to BUG's style, is thought provoking, and is sure to get spins on radio and in Dancehalls. With an encouraging message to all listeners, BUG brings home the point that we have a choice everyday, and it's up to us to make the right one. Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch BUG's newest chune "My Choice Is" here: BUG - My Choice Is! P.S. Dubplates are available from BUG by e-mailing him at ! *To be a