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Locksmith Records Cyber Monday Sale on iTunes!

Sizzla & G-Mac Release on Nov. 23, 2012. Reggae Remix Various Artist Release on Oct. 16, 2012 Reggae Riddim Sizzla Release on April 24, 2012 Reggae EP

Today On iTunes Store: Sizzla & G-Mac "Holding Firm Remix" Nov. 23, 2012.

Available Today November 23, 2012 on iTunes Store  

Sizzla & G-Mac "Holding Firm Remix EP" Dec. 11, 2012

Press Release:  Sizzla & G-Mac  "Holding Firm Remix - EP" Release on December 11, 2012.  Label: Royalty Records / Locksmith Records Liner Note: Sizzla Kalonji introducing an artiste from Judgement Yard - G-Mac on Holding Firm Remix EP. Both Sizzla & G-Mac expresses a lot of conscious lyrics on this EP. The genre in this EP is a mixture of Reggae, Roots, and Hip Hop. The new songs " Question " & " Holding Firm Remix " speak's clearly to the poor people around the world who are suffering in the ghetto and low income dwelling. The song 'Holding Firm' jump started Sizzla's career to where he is today. This remix with G-Mac will have fans feeling the same, from the past to the present now. The 'Holding Firm Remix EP' with Sizzla Kalonji & G-Mac is very uplifting to all nationalities world wide. Tracklist: 1. Holding Firm Remix 2. Question 3. Conspiracy 4. Digital Booklet - Holding Firm Remix - EP R

New Italian Reggae Artist: BuzzoMan

BuzzoMan   "Wine Fi Mi" on the My Choice Riddim EP Released: Oct 16, 2012 by Locksmith Records . BuzzoMan's song 'Wine Fi Me' will be very surprising to people, they might think its "Mr. Lover" ( Shaggy ) but no. People will like the song because it's unusual to hear a deep voice these days in any genre. Almost 23 year old, Nicola 'BuzzoMan' Cocca Italian Reggae Artiste born & lived in Campobasso Italy. In 2012,  BuzzoMan decided to devote his life to music with a strong and deep voice style. He built a team, and a recording studio, with four other guys. The crew is called " Snapshot Camp " which his made up of five singers: BuzzoMan, Cesco Jam, Lety, Reze and Sweetfiyah . Snapshot Camp members work alone or together, always trying to be original in their projects that's ranging from Reggae to Dancehall . Get your copy today, Thanks for your support. For Booking & Dubplate Contact: Snapshotcamp@hotma