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:-:BUG New Sophomore Album for 2010 :-:

People Killing People by BUG BUG is back with his new sophomore Album for 2010, entitled 'Watchin' Me Watchin' You' it's now available on Locksmith Records. Executive Producer: BUG Tracks Produced By: Tranzporter & B.C Burnz for Locksmith Records Recorded & Mixed By : Dave Downie @ Hilltop Recording Studio Brooklyn, New York. All 7 Songs Written & Preformed By: BUG [BMI] T-Bone & Renedle Appears Courtesy of Locksmith Records Stay tune and join BUG's mailing list for free upload and news for 2010.

New Single ::BUG - It's Not Easy::

"BUG - It's Not Easy" is Number one at XIHA Music TOP 50 most played songs yesterday Wednesday January 27, 2010 Bless Thanks for your Support!



*** WHO IS BUG ? ***

BUG Bio: Standing 5’8, BUG is on a mission to unlock listener’s minds, and is an artist who has a message in every song he creates. Born in Barbican, Jamaica , BUG grew up around music, as his parents used it as a means to keep the family entertained. His Sister was the singer in the family, and encouraged BUG to embrace music. With that encouragement, BUG decided from early that his ruling theme would be Love , Unity and Gratitude . Loosing his Mother at the age of 11, BUG lived with his Aunt and Uncle who encouraged him to pursue his goals and dreams. By the time he reached teenage years, BUG left Trenchtown Comprehensive High School to join his Father in the US. Using his experiences from Jamaica, his new experiences in the US, and the singing style of Leroy Smart , Bob Marley , Peter Tosh and Alton Ellis , BUG used the transitional time to develop his writing style, which resulted in countless versatile songs. One of his first jobs was recording dubplates for sounds syste

♠ Brand New Music ♠ BUG - I Bring 2 U!

Greetings! At one time I would have called BUG an underground artist. Now, I would have to call him a ground-breaking artist as he's received and receiving radio play, mix-tape exposure and profile's on multiple websites. BUG is unstoppable! Beginning 2010 with the lead single from his album "I Bring 2 U," BUG, through song, brings to you 'sadness and pain, peace and love, corruption and hate, and God up above as he lays out the choices that are faced in street life. Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch BUG's chune "I Bring 2 U," as well as the certified hit singles that took him above ground "Sensi" and "This Time" here: BUG - I Bring 2 U! *To be a DJ is a Career, not a hobby; collecting records is... -- Natasha Von Castle L3 Magazine / Music Distribution / L3 Publicity / L3 Design Life. Love. Lyrics. Are we friends?! "Together we can make our goa


Locksmith Records Are Asking The World to Donate to Wyclef Jean Yele Organization text "YELE" to 501501

New Year 2010! BUG - Up [New Single]

BUG's comin' out with is new Album for 2010, entitle 'Watchin'Me Watchin'U' look out for it available on Locksmith Records at The First Single is 'Up' by BUG produced by Tranzporter for Locksmith Records. Stay tune and join BUG's mailing list for free upload and news for 2010.