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::Halloween Special:: BUG - Black Shadow!

Greetings! So we are very familiar with Reggae artist BUG and his music. We know that he is driven by lyrical content, and we know that the music he performs his lyrics to are the best. So where does all of this come from? "I observe people, and I'm very patient," said BUG. "I like to analyse the things that are going on around me - from politics to family and friends. I'm always inspired by what I see. Sometimes I write about what needs to be improved, and sometimes I tell a story about what I've seen. You wouldn't believe it, but some of the songs that you're hearing now were made in 1995!" Kaboom! BUG's newest single called " Black Shadow " (from his album I Bring 2U ) is one that will reach the consciousness of listeners! "Black Shadow" *To be a DJ is a Career, not a hobby; collecting records is... -- Natasha Von Castle L3 Magazine / Music Distribution / L3 Publicity / L3 Design

BUG - Ready 4 This (Ft. Lj, Dread & I-Dog)

BUG - Ready 4 This (Ft. Lj, Dread & I-Dog) BUG - Ready 4 This (Ft. Lj, Dread & I-Dog)

::Brand New Music:: BUG - Outta Hell...

Greetings! The download numbers show that Bug's music continues to be favoured. He has DJ's on his side, he has fans on his side; this is one Bug we want! Today's release is a new chune called "Outa Hell." Known for lyrics that seriously connect with listeners, this chune continues on that path as it talks about the door being open, and Bug's choice to walk out. As a bonus download, and to demonstrate Bug's brilliance is the chune "Blackmen." The lyrics to the chune are performed over a heavy roots riddim, and includes a loose adaptation of Bob Marley's chune "Natural Mystic," almost asking why years later, we haven't improved. Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Bug's latest chunes here: *Click on the link to download the song *To

BUG - Outta Hell / TUNECORE

::HOTTT New Music:: BUG - Life Is...

Greetings! If you were to look up the word ‘Life’ in the dictionary, you’ll find definitions that apply to things ranging from Science to the justice system to metaphors used in everyday speech. Reggae and Dancehall artist Bug clearly defines Life according to the principles we live by: sometimes you’re up, sometimes down and what goes around comes around. He also warns about things we shouldn’t idolize such as “pretty girls and platinum.” Once again, Bug's music and lyrics connect, making this chune a ‘must play’ on radio and in the Dancehall! Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch Bug’s chune “Life Is…” here, as well as his previous releases here: Wavers, .wav here: *To be a DJ is a Career, not a hobby. Collecting records is... -- Natasha Von Castle L3 Magazine / Music Distribution / L3 Publicity / L3 Design Life. Love. Lyrics. www.