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New Italian Reggae Artist: BuzzoMan

BuzzoMan   "Wine Fi Mi" on the My Choice Riddim EP Released: Oct 16, 2012 by Locksmith Records . BuzzoMan's song 'Wine Fi Me' will be very surprising to people, they might think its "Mr. Lover" ( Shaggy ) but no. People will like the song because it's unusual to hear a deep voice these days in any genre. Almost 23 year old, Nicola 'BuzzoMan' Cocca Italian Reggae Artiste born & lived in Campobasso Italy. In 2012,  BuzzoMan decided to devote his life to music with a strong and deep voice style. He built a team, and a recording studio, with four other guys. The crew is called " Snapshot Camp " which his made up of five singers: BuzzoMan, Cesco Jam, Lety, Reze and Sweetfiyah . Snapshot Camp members work alone or together, always trying to be original in their projects that's ranging from Reggae to Dancehall . Get your copy today, Thanks for your support. For Booking & Dubplate Contact: Snapshotcamp@hotma