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Cyber Monday Sale on Locksmith Records

Cyber Monday Sale  Best Of BUG (CD) 20 Powerful Songs On One CD (78 min.) Ship To Any Where In The World 1 CD For   $6.50 plus Shipping                        @ Locksmith Records HIT SONGS * Life Is... * Mental Slavery * Inna Street Life * This Time * People Killing People *Outta Hell ft. Malcolm X  * ETC.

How Apple iTunes Help Locksmith Records

Best of Bug BUG Reggae Released: 7/2011 BUG - Locksmith Records MobBase Category: Music Updated Oct 27, 2011 Locksmith Records' Podcast Locksmith Records Music

BUG - Inna Street Life (I Bring2U) Featured On Caribbean Fever

Caribbean Fever featured BUG  song Inna Street Life (I Bring2U) . With a Powerful Base line and Strong lyrics like i Bring2U; Sadness & Pain, Peace & Love, Corruption & Hate, My God up Above. You Can Buy It On Amazon    or iTunes Take A Listen! Thanks For Your Support! Find more music like this on Caribbean Fever

Free Reggae Music App by Locksmith Records

Thought Provoking Music If you're a fan of Reggae/dancehall Music , get this app to stay connected to BUG and Locksmith Records! On your Smart Phones, iPad, iPod, Laptop or Desktop Computer. This App Available World Wide... Apple , Androids &  Intel