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Year In Review: Odinareh Bingwa | Locksmith Records

Photo Credit: Odinareh Bingwa's Facebook Page Odinareh Bingwa !!! Year-In-Review   Its been a year since Kenyan Rapper   Odinareh Bingwa signed a distribution deal with Locksmith Records . Odinareh Bingwa was introduced to the music industry featuring his first video " Ghetto Dreaming " and single " 2 Steps " from his debut album " HD [Hopes & Dreams] "  which was released on Dec. 17, 2013 on iTunes , Spotify , Beatport , Google Play & Amazon  plus over 400 digital outlets.  Rapping from his home town Mombasa , OB link up with producer Teknixx to record his entire debut album and shoots a few videos in the process too - " Paper " , " Angels " & " Ghetto Dreaming " listed below. Odinareh Bingwa, keep busy by performing and working with other producers and artists. In September 2014, he hooked up with producer Mobiz for the song "Nusu Saa Na Rais"   which is free to download on our