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Smokiz - Wait On Your Time EP [Lexzona Muzyk | Locksmith Records] July 30, 2013.

Smokiz - Wait On Your Time EP Lexzona Muzyk | Locksmith Records Release July 30, 2013. Executive Producers: Anisworth & Smokiz (Lexzona Muzyk) Marketed & Distributed by Mark Wilkins (Locksmith Records) PRESS RELEASE July 27, 2013 Judgement Yard upcoming artist Smokiz ,  fresh from his debut on The Koco Riddim with "The Way You Hot" . Now  Lexzona Muzyk  presents "Wait On Your Time EP"  by Smokiz . With hit songs like " Rise Up Blackman " featuring Jimmy Riley , " Pressure ", " One More Die Again" , " No Bleaching " and the title song " Wait On Your Time ". Artwork is done by Tamara Cooper from  Marketed & Distributed by Mark Wilkins  at  Locksmith Records to all the top major digital music stores world wide. We hope you enjoy Smokiz Reggae Roots EP, Thanks. Tracklist: 1. One More Die Again 2. Pressure 3. Wait On Your Time 4. Rise Up Blackman ft. Jimmy Riley

Sizzla - Ganja (mr. Mefistou Remix) July 23, 2013 Reggae Dubstep

REGGAE DUBSTEP   Sizzla - Ganja (mr. Mefistou Remix) Release on  July 23, 2013 by Locksmith Records  With rock-solid hooks that flows effortlessly, this can be  Sizzla's biggest Remix in Reggae Dubstep.  "Ganja Car and mi Ganja Plane / inna mi Ganja Glory and mi Ganja Fame / pon mi Ganja Street and mi Ganja Lane / Check again mi got a Ganja Name" The song " Ganja"  Remixed by  mr. Mefistou  from Sizzla   " Don't Mislead the Youths EP "  for  Locksmith Records . mr. Mefistou was b orn and raised in the Caribbean with rainforest and exotic beaches called Puerto Rico and now living in the concrete jungle of New York City .  mr. Mefistou takes advantage of his Organic world by designing a sound he described as a Dubstep bass trap inside a Reggae beat with a nonstop skanking. This allows him to be free as a DJ and Producer in genres like, Dub, Reggae, Raga Dubstep, Future Jungle and a his Sub-bassie Dancehall creating his own formula