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I Listened To Your Song "Life Is" It's Very Heartfelt.

Life Is... by BUG Hi, how are you BUG,(as you already know) I'm the mother Je'Naminah Yamamoto . Thank you so much. I listened to your song "Life Is" it's very heartfelt . I was very (teary-eyed) but I know that all I have to do is keep on praying and live my last days on earth as God plans us to and live the best way we can. But listening to your song gave me much more encouragement to be brave, patient and seek my happiness than it ever was. It's just all about thinking positive and positive things will happen to you, its reality. Also Thank You once again. Heartfelt song. The tragedy of life is not that we wait so long to begin it,  but that a life ends so soon. Life is.....a long lesson in humility.

The Top 50 Most Play Song Is "Unlock My Mind [Podcast]" from BUG.

Greetings! On July 25, 2010. The top 50 most play song is  "Unlock My Mind [Podcast]" from BUG. It debut at number 1, this is a Podcast that feather six songs from BUG. All the tracks are written by BUG. Recorded by Bembeh & Dave and Mixed @ Hiltop Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Give BUG your support buy these songs at   Thanks for your support. Bless! Xiha Life Music, they have music from all over the world, in all styles and genres. All of the music is completely free for you to listen to, The top song yesterday was "Unlock My Mind [Podcast]" from BUG. Take a look for yourself Congrats BUG! Bless! Join BUG mailing list at
BUG – The Dancehall Locksmith Although this Dancehall Artist stands at just 5’8, the heights to which his lyrics reach are insurmountable. Using lyrics that are sharp, witty and through provoking, BUG takes his listeners on a musical journey with one goal: unlocking and setting free what’s wrong in one’s mind, and replacing the wrong with what’s right. Born in Barbican, Jamaica, BUG grew up around music, as his parents used it as a means to keep the family entertained. His Sister was the singer in the family, and encouraged BUG to embrace music. With that encouragement, BUG decided from early that his ruling theme would be Love, Unity and Gratitude. DJ’s around the world have become familiar with this Dancehall artist, and know that he is driven by lyrical content as well as the music’s composition. When asked how his lyrics come together, he said "I observe people, and I'm very patient. I like to analyse the things that are going on around me - from politics to family a

Montel [Sensi]

"I medicate myself every morning, I medicate myself throughout the day and I medicate myself every single evening," he said. "Just the same way anybody else does and just the same way I did when I was taking prescription medication in inordinate amounts to keep track of the same issues I use marijuana for." - Montel Williams Most will agree that after blazing some Sensi, their third eye is opened, and they can see things they didn't see before! The Artist BUG has produced a chune called "Sensi" which is taken from his debut album 'I Bring2U' on the Locksmith Records label. This chune is certified Hit! and will have every lighter in the air, after the lighter has lit a 'big head'. Sample the lyrics: Sensimenia / so good for my brain / crack and cocaine / mess up your brain / and make you go insane... These lyrics are delivered over an adaptation of Phil Collins version of the Supreme's classic "You Can't Hurry Love", an