I Listened To Your Song "Life Is" It's Very Heartfelt.

<a href="http://locksmithrecords.biz/track/life-is">Life Is... by BUG</a>

Hi, how are you BUG,(as you already know)

I'm the mother Je'Naminah Yamamoto. Thank you so
much. I listened to your song "Life Is" it's very heartfelt.
I was very (teary-eyed) but I know that all I have to do is keep
on praying and live my last days on earth as God plans us to and
live the best way we can.
But listening to your song gave me much more encouragement to be brave,
patient and seek my happiness than it ever was.
It's just all about thinking positive and positive
things will happen to you, its reality.
Also Thank You once again.
Heartfelt song. The tragedy of life is not that we wait so long to begin it, 
but that a life ends so soon. Life is.....a long lesson in humility.



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