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My Choice Riddim EP Now On iTunes!

My Choice Riddim EP Released:  October 16, 2012. Various Artists BuzzoMan  Styafiya Cesco Jam BUG 1. BuzzoMan - Wine Fi Mi     2. Styafiya - Share the Love    3. BUG - My Choice Is...    4. Cesco Jam - Dashie      5. My Choice Riddim - Instrumental    My Choice Riddim his a uptempo beat with a Reggae vibes to it,  with a Pop style. T hese songs will keep you moving from  beginning to end.   BuzzoMan & Cesco Jam is from Italy and  Styafiya  & BUG lived in USA. T his is a  global distribution to  all  the top  digital  retail store world  wide.  Read more.. @   or  locksmith

Dj Naz (gurlpower) Promo Mix *My Choice Riddim*

Locksmith Records presents My Choice Riddim promo mix by Dj Naz (gurlpower) featuring various artiste BuzzoMan, Styafiya , Cesco Jam and BUG . My Choice Riddim his a uptempo beat with a Reggae vibes to it, plus a Pop style. BuzzoMan & Cesco Jam from Italy and Styafiya & BUG lived in USA. The expected release date for My Choice Riddim, will be October 16, 2012.  BuzzoMan - Wine Fi Me will be very surprising to people, they might think its "Mr. Lover" ( Shaggy ) but no people will like the song it's unusual to hear a deep voice these days in any genre. Styafiya - Share the Love is very catchy song at concerts, and in cars people will have fun singing to it. BUG - My Choice is... is tuff its great for people young and old it's talks about getting an education and to love your life and we need songs like that in this time. Cesco Jam - Dashie is great (if the youths don't understand it its okay because) the beat is tuff and the voice on the b