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BUG's Commercial...New Release "Unlock My Mind Music [Album Mix by Dj SK]"

Greetings Fans Of  BUG - Locksmith Records; First Giving Thanks To The Almighty JAH. Thanks For Your Support For 9 Years And Counting. We are glad to let you know of our new release from BUG an "Album Mix" of all the hit music thus far. We did the mixed with Dj SK title "Unlock My Mind Music" with 44 Tracks. Thanks to the many Producers we work with over the 9 years like Bembeh, E. Parry, Dave, B.C Burns & Tranzporter . Also, for the many Artists to name a few; Styafiya, Lj, Dread, LSR-Team, Lord Des, I-Trujah & N-Gurl.  Thank Selectors  Sharky Superforce & Dj Damian Special Thanks To my family for the overstanding my love for the music and my biggest fan Dyani my Daughter. We thank you very much and like we always say "Baby Steps w' Big Feet" Thanks Love Life Live Long! Locksmith Records [9 Years] All Songs Available @