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Nostradamus Dec. 21, 2012 | BUG - This Time

Nostradamus Predictions for The World Will End December 21, 2012  Also The Mayas - What If They Are Rite? Leave A comment! Thanks Locksmith Records Track info: This Time Written by BUG for Locksmith Records in 2002. Recorded by BemBeh @ Conscious Media Prod. Studio Queens, NY 2008. Mixed by Dave @ Hilltop Recording Studio in Brooklyn NY 2008. Produced by Eustace "Bassy" Parry for LSR. Mastered by Paul Shield @ VP Records Mastering Studio . Queens, NY 2008 Artwork by LA. California 2011. Released by Locksmith Records twice in 2009 & 2011.

Holding Firm Remix Video by Sizzla & G-Mac | Feb. 2013

February 2013  The debut of Sizzla & G-Mac "Holding Firm Remix Video" Directed by A 13thTribe Video Production . Film in Kingston Jamaica. Sizzla & G-Mac Holding Firm Remix Consist of 3 tracks.  1. Holding Firm Remix 2. Question 3. Conspiracy Released on Dec 11, 2012. To over 600 Digital Music Store in over 230 Countries World Wide. Buy Your Copy Today. On  iTunes , Amazon , eMusic , Qobuz etc. For more information contact us @ Thanks - Locksmith Records

Ljay aka Lboogie - "No Hook Ma" [The Prevue Mixtape] January 2013

Hip-Hop News:   "The Prevue Mixtape" by Ljay aka Lboogie Up Coming Mixtape from Ljay out in January 2013 check out the first Single - 'No Hook Ma' by Ljay. After the debut album in 2009 " No Time 4 Haters" Ljay aka Lboogie is back with a Mixtape title "The Prevue" consist of 8 tracks to be release in Jan. 2013 by Locksmith Records . Ljay back on his grind with a hot mixtape that will keep you lock-in. "The Prevue Mixtape" on DatPiff   Mixtape  recorded in Brooklyn, New York @ Hilltop Recording Studio by Dave . Ljay aka Lboogie still got that tight Hip-Hop flow. Artwork by Mixtapedesignz . Tracklist: 1. The Preview 2. No Hook Ma 3. My Pain 4. Young Leader 5. Vote 6. Life 7. Baby I Feel It Comin' 8. L dot Jay Locksmith Records Booking Ljay contact: email: follow us on Twitter: @locksmithrecord facebook: FB/locksmithrecords web.

YouTube AD - Sizzla & G-Mac "Holding Firm Remix"