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Digital Record Pool [BUG - Life Is...]

Attention All Dj's Around The World I f you were to look up the word ‘Life’ in the dictionary, you’ll find definitions that apply to things ranging from Science to the justice system to metaphors used in everyday speech. Reggae and Dancehall artist BUG clearly defines Life according to the principles we live by: sometimes you’re up, sometimes down and what goes around comes around. He also warns about things we shouldn’t idolize such as “pretty girls and platinum.” Once again, Bug's music and lyrics connect, making this chune a ‘must play’ on radio and in the Dancehall!  -  Natasha Von Castle. Download BUG 'Life Is...' at Work Sessions:

BUG - Not My Name [DR]

Greetings! With a bit of a Hip Hop beat, Dancehall Artist BUG takes on the issue of People who call themselves N*I*G*G*A. Using samples from Malcom X, BUG takes us on a lyrical journey asking if we really know where a name comes from, and, do we really know the origins of this particular name. Dr. Laura Schlessinger is under fire for using the N-word on her radio show to make a point...about the N-word. ABC New Dr. Laura Schlessinger is under fire for using the N-word on her radio show, to make a point...about the N-word. ABC News reports that Dr. Laura claimed that premium cable HBO and all the comics they air in programming use it, and it is mainstream and acceptable to many. What do you THINK? Download the Song Today at BUG mailing list at

Digital Record Pool [BUG - Sensi]

Attention: All DJ's Around the World English DJ’s around the world have become familiar with this Dancehall artist, BUG and know that he is driven by lyrical content as well as the music’s composition. When asked how his lyrics come together, he said "I observe people, and I'm very patient.  I like to analyse the things that are going on around  me - from politics to family and friends.  I'm always inspired by what I see.  Sometimes I write about what needs to be improved, and sometimes I tell a story about what I've seen.  Sample the lyrics:   Sensimenia / so good for my brain / crack and   cocaine / mess up your brain / and make you   go insane...   You wouldn't believe it, but some of the songs that you're hearing now were made in 1998!"  BUG, the Dancehall Locksmith uses lyrics that connect with every listener, making him one of the most radio played underground artists. Download BUG 'Sensi' at Work Sessions: