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Still on the Hip Hop tip, music artist BUG
releases two new singles "It's Not Easy,"
and "You Choose."
Both singles make the listener introspect;
look at some of the circumstances in their
lives, and make changes for the better.
The chinese stringed instrument used in
"You Choose" balances off of the lyrics
placing emphasis on the 'pluck' of the strings
and the lyrics.
Looking at the download numbers, it's clear
that DJ's prefer BUG's Reggae tip, but for
the sake of conscious music, these two
new chunes are worth the spin if it's within
your format. BUG and I spoke about the
numbers, and he understands what the DJ's
are saying. As he says, "I just want the
lyrics to unlock people's minds...."
Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch BUG's two
new singles, "It's Not Easy," and "You Choose"
Visit BUG online here:
Test | L3 Magazine
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collecting records is...
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