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It's been a minute since we've heard from
Mr. Sensi, a.k.a. Mr. This Time, a.k.a.

Building on his success in 2009, which includes
being featured in a series of Coast to Coast
mixtapes, which includes being the most
googled independent artist, which includes
his records receiving certified airplay worldwide,
BUG comes back to us on a Hip-Hop tip!

His newest chune called "People Killing People"
from the album 'Watchin Me Watchin You,'
is another one of those chunes that is classified
as thought provoking. The title says it all!

Broadcasting at 320kbps, and with the keys
to unlock your mind, catch BUG here:

BUG - People Killing People...

P.S. Make sure you check out "Sensi" and
"This Time" if you haven't already...!


*To be a DJ is a Career, not a hobby;
collecting records is...
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