♠ Brand New Music ♠ BUG - I Bring 2 U!


At one time I would have called BUG
an underground artist. Now, I would
have to call him a ground-breaking artist
as he's received and receiving radio play,
mix-tape exposure and profile's on multiple
websites. BUG is unstoppable!

Beginning 2010 with the lead single from
his album "I Bring 2 U," BUG, through song,
brings to you 'sadness and pain, peace and
love, corruption and hate, and God up above
as he lays out the choices that are faced in
street life.

Broadcasting at 320kbps, catch BUG's chune
"I Bring 2 U," as well as the certified hit singles
that took him above ground "Sensi" and "This
Time" here:

BUG - I Bring 2 U!


*To be a DJ is a Career, not a hobby;
collecting records is...
Natasha Von Castle

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