Press Release: New Double Album "12 YEARS LATER" (Reggae|Hip-Hop Version) | Locksmith Records Celebrates It's 12th Anniversary.

Locksmith Records
Celebrates it's 12th Anniversary.

Presents A Double LP Reggae & Hip-Hop Version. 

In Stores Tuesday, 
June 3rd, 2014.

"Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Is Finally Here"- BUG 

Press Release

Today, pre-order on iTunes "12 YEARS LATER" a double LP in Reggae & Hip-Hop Version. Each version consist of 20 songs, by Various Artists including International Reggae Star Sizzla Kalonji and upcoming Reggae & Hip-Hop Artists & Producers. Executive Produced by Mark 'BUG' Wilkins, the CEO of Locksmith Records and worked with Dizzo Rocks from Hill Top Studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Tomorrow, on Tuesday June 3rd "12 YEARS LATER" will be in stores world wide on iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and many more digital outlets & limited CDs.  "Music is not just for fame" a great quote from the late Bob Marley, and with that said this Double LP will take you on a lyrical journey of inspiration and story telling. Locksmith Records work smart to keep listeners entertained and motivated.  With a total of 40 songs it's a great buy for your buck. Thanks for buying & supporting independent artists, producers and label. 

Yesterday, last year in April 2013 BUG - Locksmith Records visited Africa (Harare, Zimbabwe) and was interviewed live on StarFM Radio Station by Tshuma & JBoss on the Free Style Friday Show. BUG introduced Sizzla "Don't Mislead the Youths - EP" on the show and took some questions from the audience. Watch a clip of the video below: 

Finally, '12 Years Later' double LP is here and featuring Various Artists, Sizzla, BUG, Styafiya, LJ aka Lboogie, I-Dog, N-gurl, Dread, Bonez, BuzzoMan, Ghetto Mobsters, I Trujah, Cesco Jam and many more.

Track Listing:

(Reggae Version)
  1. Boom Shelayla (feat. Styafiya) by BUG
  2. Dancing Dancing by Styafiya
  3. Burning Up by N-Gurl
  4. My Type (feat. BUG) by Styafiya
  5. My Temper by BUG
  6. Hotta Fire (Ted Ganung Remix) by Sizzla 
  7. Dashie by Cesco Jam
  8. Share the Love by Styafiya
  9. Wine Fi Mi by BuzzoMan
  10. My Choice Is… by BUG
  11. Pretty Lady by Styafiya
  12. Bad Gal by N-Gurl
  13. L is for Love by Styafiya 
  14. She’s On Fire (feat. Dj X)
  15. Gun You Down by BUG
  16. Old to the New (feat. I-Trujah, Styafiya, Jah) by BUG
  17. Baby Mother by BUG
  18. Wages of Sin by BUG
  19. Life Time by Styafiya
  20. Mental Slavery by BUG
(Hip-Hop Version)
  1. Ready (feat. LJ aka Lboogie, Dread, I-Dog, Bonez, Styafiya) by BUG
  2. Hydraulics by Dread, LJ aka Lboogie, Bonez, I-Dog
  3. Party by Sizzla
  4. Leftside (feat. Styafiya) by Dread, LJ aka Lboogie, Bonez
  5. Warning (feat. LJ aka Lboogie) by I-Dog
  6. 400 Roses by Ghetto Mobsters
  7. Who’s Dem Boys by I-Dog, Dread, LJ aka Lboogie, Bonez 
  8. Dee Jay (feat. I-Dog & Styafiya) by Renelde & LJ aka Lboogie
  9. This Time by BUG
  10. Ganja (Mr. Mefistou Remix) by Sizzla
  11. Fish & Hook by Dread, LJ aka Lboogie, Bonez, I-Dog
  12. Shortie (feat. Styafiya & LJ aka Lboogie) by BUG
  13. She Beauty Like A (feat. BUG)
  14. Why They (feat. I-Dog) by BUG
  15. Balling Up (feat. Project Porter, Styafiya, LJ aka Lboogie by  Bonez
  16. Stand Up by Ghetto Mobster
  17. Jungle Life (Styafiya & Lord Des) by BUG
  18. Off With Your Head by Dread
  19. Treat U Rite (feat. Mantana & Bonez) by LJ aka Lboogie
  20. It’s Not Easy by BUG
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