Locksmith Records Distribution Services | Updated Website & Mobile App

Locksmith Records

Distribution Services | Updated Website & Mobile App

September 3, 2013.

Locksmith Records is an American Indie record label, focused predominantly in Reggae, Hip-Hop and Urban Music. Plus recently updated its Website and Mobile App.

Tel: 732-784-3152
email: locksmithrecords@yahoo.com & website www.LocksmithRecords.com
skype: locksmithrecords21 

Locksmith Records offer Digital Distribution Deals to Artists, Producers, Djs, and Labels. 

3 Steps To Improve Your New Release Project.


After signing a Digital Distribution Agreement.
1. Submission of your songs.
2. All the songs information 
3. Creating an Artwork
4. Digital Booklet on iTunes 


We will provide the best Marketing plan for your project.
1. Facebook Ads
2. e-mail blast
3. Bloggers & Magazines site
4. Our Mobile App


Your release will be available world wide in over 600 digital stores in 200 countries.
1. iTunes
2. Beatport
3. Juno
4. Spotify etc. 

Listen New Releases by Locksmith Records

Tel: 732-784-3152
We Offer Distribution: locksmithrecords@yahoo.com
Apple & Android App: BUG - Locksmith Records
Follow Us: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn 


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