Smokiz - Wait On Your Time EP [Lexzona Muzyk | Locksmith Records] July 30, 2013.

Smokiz - Wait On Your Time EP

Lexzona Muzyk | Locksmith Records

Release July 30, 2013.

Executive Producers: Anisworth & Smokiz (Lexzona Muzyk) Marketed & Distributed by Mark Wilkins (Locksmith Records)

July 27, 2013

Judgement Yard upcoming artist Smokiz, fresh from his debut on The Koco Riddim with "The Way You Hot". Now Lexzona Muzyk presents "Wait On Your Time EP" by Smokiz. With hit songs like "Rise Up Blackman" featuring Jimmy Riley, "Pressure", "One More Die Again", "No Bleaching" and the title song "Wait On Your Time".
Artwork is done by Tamara Cooper from 
Marketed & Distributed by Mark Wilkins at Locksmith Records to all the top major digital music stores world wide. We hope you enjoy Smokiz Reggae Roots EP, Thanks.

1. One More Die Again
2. Pressure
3. Wait On Your Time
4. Rise Up Blackman ft. Jimmy Riley
5. No Bleaching        


All Songs writing by Lambert Hamilton (Smokiz)
Courtesy Jimmy Riley
All Songs recording in Kingston Jamaica
Artwork by Tamara Cooper @
Tracks 3-5 Produced by Alanzo 'Anisworth' Dixon for Lexzona Muzyk Production.
Tracks 1-2  produced by Christopher Duffos for Gold Mind.
Marketed & Distributed by Mark "BUG" Wilkins for 
Locksmith Records, New Jersey USA.

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