New Album Release :-: Best Of BUG [CD & Digital]

'Yesterday Is Today Tomorrow's Today'
(a quote from one of my song)

It maybe the right thing (very wrong thing) to make a CD in these times. By saying that, it takes a lot of patience, planning and savings to do it. I put my best 20 songs "Best Of BUG" and fit it on one CD (78 minutes) from my digital catalog. With so many people using iPods, iPads and Smart Phones, maybe it's the wrong thing to do. So while I sit back and take a summary of the amount of people I know that have iPod connection in there vehicles, it’s less than two. So that means there are still a lot of individuals that use CDs. I realized why fans prefer to buy one song from an album of the artiste than buying his/her entire CD.

In conclusion, may I say by not giving away the grove of my Album 'Best Of BUG'. I promise you this, I carefully planned and organized my album from track 1 'Life Is...' to track 20 'Never Sell Your Soul'. My CD will have you in a maze on a journey of Lyrical genius with simple words that are put in the right places. I really appreciate the thanks and all the support of people buying my CD "Best Of BUG". This is the best thing as an artiste to reach in one's Life. (Mainstream or Not) My Music is Powerful. 
I Did It My Way. 

Also Available on iTunes

"Baby Steps w' Big Feet" & "Unlock My Mind Music"
(My two quotes that keep me going) 


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