Mental Slavery by BUG Is On iTunes

On April 1st, Mental Slavery by BUG is on iTunes.
Also 17 more Stores, including Amazon, BandCamp, Myspace, iLike, Shockhound, Zune, Thumbplay, Nokia Music Store, imvu, eMusic, Napster, Media Net and much more.

"Mental Slavery" is a Mind Opener and will have you thinking about your Past, Present and Future.
This album is children friendly "Unlock My Mind Music"
that will take you on a journey of finding Oneself. 

Upload a copy today on iTunes:

All Songs Written & Arranged by BUG
All Songs Recorded & Mixed at Hilltop Studio Brooklyn, New York. Production and Remixed by BUG and Other.
Recorded and Mix by David Downie for Locksmith Records.


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