A Link Error For "30 Days 30 Songs by BUG"


Fans of Locksmith Records:

Jah Is Great i found out my links to the Song Of The Day
was been rerouted to another song, than the song of the day.
But thanks to Jah I fix it we Apologizes for the Inconvenience.
30 Days 30 Songs by BUG: Check the List

Day 1: People by BUG http://locksmithrecords.biz/track/people?permalink
Day 2: Blackmen by BUG http://locksmithrecords.biz/track/blackmen?permalink
Day 3: Do It Rite feat. N-Gurl by BUG http://locksmithrecords.biz/track/do-it-rite-feat-n-gurl?permalink
Day 4: White Girl by BUG http://locksmithrecords.biz/track/white-girl?permalink
Day 5: My Temper by BUG http://locksmithrecords.biz/track/my-temper?permalink
Day 6: Sensi feat. Bob Marley by BUG http://locksmithrecords.biz/track/sensi-feat-bob-marley?permalink
Day 7: Danger by BUG http://locksmithrecords.biz/track/danger?permalink
Day 8: Outta Hell by BUG http://locksmithrecords.biz/track/outta-hell?permalink
Day 9: It's Not Easy by BUG http://locksmithrecords.biz/track/its-not-easy?permalink
Day 10: 2Nite by BUG http://locksmithrecords.biz/track/2nite?permalink

Thanks Keep Listening
Bless! Locksmith Records http://www.locksmithrecords.com


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