New Album Release:-: BUG - Mental Slavery


BUG is back with a new album title "Mental Slavery"
one of the first single is " A Woman Is..."
This song talks about God made Adam & Eve who came on Mother Earth and to the transformation of a Mental Disorder that take over Mother Earth today. The next song, "Mental Slavery" is a mind opener and will have you thinking about your Past, Present and Future.
This album is a "Unlock My Mind Music"
that will take you on a journey of finding oneself.
upload a copy today at and check out other songs from BUG. Thanks For Your Support. Bless!

All Songs Written & Arranged by BUG
All Songs Recorded & Mixed at Hilltop Studio Brooklyn, New York. Production and Remixed by BUG and Other.
Recorded and Mix by David Downie for Locksmith Records.


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