Digital Record Pool [BUG - Sensi]

Attention: All DJ's Around the World


DJ’s around the world have become familiar with this Dancehall artist,
BUG and know that he is driven by lyrical content as well as
the music’s composition. When asked how his lyrics come together, he said

"I observe people, and I'm very patient. 
I like to analyse the things that are going on around 
me - from politics to family and friends. 
I'm always inspired by what I see. 
Sometimes I write about what needs to be improved,
and sometimes I tell a story about what I've seen. 

Sample the lyrics: 

Sensimenia / so good for my brain / crack and 
cocaine / mess up your brain / and make you 
go insane... 

You wouldn't believe it, but some of the songs
that you're hearing now were made in 1998!" 

BUG, the Dancehall Locksmith uses lyrics that connect with every listener, making him one of the most radio played underground artists. Download BUG 'Sensi' at Work Sessions:

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