Leaders In Jamaica by BUG


Not being afraid to tackle difficult issues, BUG uses his sing-jay style to highlight topics that affect the community. A perfect example of such a song is “Leaders In JA” on the
I-Trucoustic Riddim from Conscious Media Productions. On that riddim, BUG calls entertainers like Sizzla, Capleton and Buju Banton (among others) leaders, political leaders and media leaders to wake up and acknowledge the cries of the people.

BUG made the bold statement that if they would lead, we would follow.
He also asks them to address the violence plaguing communities in Jamaica. BUG is on a mission to unlock listener’s minds, and is an artist who has a message in every song he creates. Born in Barbican, Jamaica, BUG grew up around music, as his parents used it as a means to keep the family entertained. - Natasha Von Castle

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