On April 24, 2010. The top 50 most play song was 'Insane' from BUG feat. Lj. It was debut at number 3 and then jump to number 2 and now Number 1, Two days and counting

This track was produce by Jose, written by BUG
and feat. Artists. Recorded by Dave @ Hiltop Studio in Brooklyn, New York
and its the Third release from BUG next album
entitle 'Sit On Top' set to release in June 2010.

Big up Lj on this track for Locksmith Records, you can buy this song at on BUG Album "Sit On Top" thanks for your support. Bless!

Xiha Life Music, they have music from all over the world, in all styles and genres. All of the music is completely free for you to listen to, The top song yesterday was 'Insane' From BUG feat. Lj !!

Take a look for yourself Congrats BUG! Bless!
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