::Halloween Special:: BUG - Black Shadow!

So we are very familiar with Reggae artist
BUG and his music. We know that he is
driven by lyrical content, and we know that
the music he performs his lyrics to are the
best. So where does all of this come from?
"I observe people, and I'm very patient,"
said BUG. "I like to analyse the things that
are going on around me - from politics to
family and friends. I'm always inspired by
what I see. Sometimes I write about what
needs to be improved, and sometimes I tell
a story about what I've seen. You wouldn't
believe it, but some of the songs that you're
hearing now were made in 1995!" Kaboom!
BUG's newest single called "Black Shadow"
(from his album I Bring 2U) is one that will
reach the consciousness of listeners!
*To be a DJ is a Career, not a hobby;
collecting records is...
Natasha Von Castle

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