Standing 5’8, Bug is on a mission to unlock listener’s minds, and is an artist who has a message in every song he creates. Born in Barbican, Jamaica, Bug grew up around music, as his parents used it as a means to keep the family entertained. His Sister was the singer in the family, and encouraged Bug to embrace music. With that encouragement, Bug decided from early that his ruling theme would be Love, Unity and Gratitude.

In 2002, Bug launched his own record label called ‘Locksmith Records’. Under his label, Bug produces and writes music for himself, as well as other artists.
Also, Bug Executive Produces his debut album 'i Bring2u' with 31 tracks, release on February 21, 2009. its available online at these retailer Amazon, Emusic, Napster, Itunes, Rhapsody and Locksmithrecords.com.

Look out for more Bug! @ www.locksmithrecords.com

Contact / Bookings: info@locksmithrecords.com /locksmithrecords@yahoo.com / 732-497-7054


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